Sharing your Data with figshare

Automated Data Repository Deposition with figshare

IEAM is part of an initiative to streamline submission, deposition, and permanent archiving of data files in association with published articles. This is a free service for all IEAM authors.

figshare offers an online repository for supplemental data files, such as data tables, small CSVs, images, PDFs, etc., that are otherwise not suitable for deposition into large government and institutional data repositories. With figshare, IEAM authors have the ability to make their supplemental data files citable by DOI and discoverable to the public. Although figshare does not replace Supplemental Data, we encourage authors to designate data files that would have previously been submitted as Supplemental Data as “Data Files” during the submission process.

Authors choosing to include data files for figshare should create a “Data Accessibility” section in their manuscript, after the Acknowledgment section, which provides brief descriptions (e.g., the equivalent of legends) for each of your figshare files.

The process for publishing data files—following acceptance of your manuscript—is as follows:

  1. During the submission process, files designated as “Data Files” from the pull-down menu in the submission system will be automatically deposited into the IEAM figshare repository. See examples here.

  2. The data files will inherit metadata from your manuscript with no effort required on your part.

  3. Your data files on figshare will be assigned a single DOI, making them uniquely identified and citable.

  4. The link and DOI for your files will be automatically added to your published article, in the “Data Accessibility” section. An example is available here. Files will be made public on figshare once the article publishes on Wiley Online Library.

For additional information and FAQs, please refer to this page.